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Funny games on the Web

Play Solitaire FRVR
Play Franken Runners
Play Ninth Realm
Play NinjaPVP
Play High Grounds
Play Rocket Poker
Play Minimen Live
Play AstroFlux
Play Esgrima Online
Play Palisade Guardian
Play Conquerer Sun Age
Play Build and Destroy Live
Play Epic War Saga
Play Pocket Warriors
Play ShellShock Live
Play Vortex Wars
Play Achtung Die Kurve
Play Everybody Edits
Play Block Miner
Play Bad Eggs
Play PegBall
Play Pixelvania
Play Off Road
Play Mebas
Play One Man Army
Play Hasarion Wars
Play 777 Wheel of fortune
Play Everybody Draws

Funny games on iPad and iPhone

Play Solitaire FRVR
Play Bingo Blingo on iOS
Play Conquerer Sun Age on iOS

Funny games on Facebook

Play Rainbow Rush
Play The Last Stand - Dead Zone
Play Panda Jam
Play Totemiq!
Play Jewels of the Amazon
Play Bubble Atlantis
Play Bingo Blingo
Play Puzzle Attack
Play 99 Poker Domino
Play Brick Blaster
Play Coral Blitz

Funny games on Android

Play Solitaire FRVR
Play Conquerer Sun Age on Android
Play Vincent on Android, games powered by Player.IO